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  • Kangmas Nimas adalah sebutan resmi bagi duta wisata Kota Batu sejak tahun 2006, namun paguyuban ini berdiri pada tanggal 28 Oktober 2002 dengan nama Paguyuban Putra Putri Duta Wisata Kota Batu.
    February 23rd, 2014
  • Aktualisasi dan Pengembangan Kampung Wisata Kungkuk Desa Punten Kecamatan Bumiaji dilakukan secara simultan oleh Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Kota Wisata Batu, Jatim.
    December 4th, 2013
  • Kreatif dan eksentrik. Nggak Hanya Bunga, Batu Flower Festival (BF2) tahun 2012 ini disuguhkan oleh Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Pemerintah Kota Batu, Jatim.
    October 17th, 2013
  • restoran menarik ditengah desa wisata
  • Keripik kentang menjadi salah satu oleh2 khas dari batu
  • Wisata paling terkenal dari Desa Gunung Sari adalah wisata petik bunga
  • Kampung Wisata Kungkuk adalah salah satu alternatif wisata yang bisa Ngalamers pertimbangkan jika ingin berlibur di Kota Wisata Batu. Dari pusat Kota Batu, Kampung Kungkuk berjarak kurang lebih 6 km, tepatnya di Desa Punten, Kecamatan Bumiaji.
  • BNS berada di Desa Oro-Oro Ombo. Perjalanan menuhu BNS menggunakan kendaraan pribadi memerlukan waktu tidak lebih dari 15 menit dari pusat kota., jika kondisi lalu lintas sedang lancar.


restoran di desa wisata

Kampung Gunung Café and Restaurant

Visitors are invited in the restaurant by its nature decoration; the large rice field spread out in front of it and river stream in back side of it. It is provides special menu of Barikan Rice which is included in kinds of Tumpeng Rice complete with chicken, fresh apple juice from apple field only taking cost Rp70,000 for five persons. This restaurant which is used Bali building concept does not only offers foods and meals but also outdoor games, such as rafting, tubing, and outbound. Also, Kampung Gunung invite visitors to join in picking apples in picking apple tourism. The restaurant is located in Melati Street no.09, in Kapru village, in Batu city. And for outdoor tourism package, Kampung Gunung.

Home Industry

Potato Chips
Potato chip is one of meal souvenir icon from Batu, this Home Industry can be found in Juntur in Gunung Sari Village. It is carried out by Mrs. Yuli which is sold Rp180.000 for each kilos. This meal souvenir becomes huge commodity which is distributed to Batu city. Also, visitors can be found it easier because it spread out around Batu City.
Carang Mas
Carang Mas is one of snack which is made from cassava or Ubi Jalar. It has simple procedure to make, first slice the potatoes, then shape into small pieces, after that gather all pieces into small ball and flour the red sugar. This snack is one of snack home industry in Gunung Sari village can be found in Mrs. Santi in Pager Gunung Village. This snack is distributed into whole of souvenir center which is spread out in Batu city by kinds of prices;

Wisata Desa Gunung Sari

Picking Flowers is the most famous tourism spot in Gunung Sari. It offers the beauty of rose flowers field, it is spread out around one hectare and surrounded by many kinds of flowers; red, white, yellow, and pink flowers. Picking flowers tourism is located in Brumbung Desa Gunung Sari village, in Batu city. This tourism is named “Gumur” with package trip tour which is consisted of taking around in the rose field and picking flowers for tree times only take cost Rp5000 for each package.

Pengembangan Kampung Wisata Kungkuk

Kungkuk village , village Punten , Bumiaji . Stone Town East Java has the potential of natural and exotic environment that can be developed as an alternative tourism in Batu besides other tours that have been developed in Batu .

The threat of environmental damage around the conservation area is very high . According to Goodwin (2002 ) , local residents who still indulge in subsistence firewood selling activities , theft of other forest products , and wildlife poaching . Greater threat to the region with a high population density and without the ability to entrepreneurship .

Local residents can develop services specific economic and social environment in each region . Momentum traditions , culture and exoticism of the local environment can be packaged as a tourism product and can be developed as a tourist village that attract visitors from outside the region . The local culture ( State , 2006) , in turn, will generate incentives to conserve agricultural production systems , traditional values ​​, and culture as well as the environment . It requires the learning process accompanied entrepreneurship skills .
Reviewing the entrepreneurial characteristics of the local population is very useful to generate a model for socio-economic empowerment of local people in ecotourism . Conception of sustainable development need to be implemented at the level of local capacity . Ecotourism is one of the entrances or the relevant real sector in environmental conservation and local culture for the establishment of a tourist village . However , rural tourism development efforts involving local people is not easy . Ability entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship ) is key for socio-economic empowerment of communities to enable them to operate services ekowisatadan enjoy welfare .

Descriptive study by Iwan Nugroho , 2006; Countries , 2006; Iwan Nugroho and State , 2007) suggests that entrepreneurship in ecotourism services not developed satisfactorily . Ngadas villagers , engaged in pilotage services , transportation , and lodging with the quality limited service . The learning process is very important that the real number of local residents understand the entrepreneurial eco-tourism ( Hannu , 2001; Juma and Timmer , 2003) . Successful entrepreneurship stories on ecotourism services , such as in Tangkahan ( TN Gunung Leuser , Lnagkat ) , village Ceningan ( Klungkung , Bali ) or Candirejo ( Borobudur , Magelang ) , demanding high participation of all stakeholders and the factors or have managed to attract tourists to realize welfare local residents ( iwan Nugroo , 2007) . Thus , rural tourism development efforts through ecotourism can be interpreted as similar as farming which can provide jobs and livelihood , as well as generating income and welfare . The empirical experience should be examined in-depth in order to be identified critical success factors and applied to ecotourism destinations and other tourist village .

The concept of socio-economic empowerment of rural economy travel was born from a challenge to implement sustainable development based on the values ​​of society . In general , the entrepreneurial characteristics are determined by factors of individuals , communities and governments ( Juma and Timmer , 2003; Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship or CRE , 2003; Suryana , 2004; Burnet , 2000) . The social factor is becoming an important component of the socio-economic empowerment of rural tourism. According to Juma and Timmer ( 2003) , social learning ( social learning ) becomes an important part in which individuals understand the entrepreneurial souls in the socio-economic empowerment of rural tourism. Through the participatory learning process measurable public support for the development of new businesses , and bounced back invites disadvantaged businesses .

Development of Village Tourism Kungkuk

Factors government in supporting entrepreneurship and capital includes technical assistance , incentives to enter the market , entrepreneurship education , improve access to markets , parsitipasi youth and women ( Burnet , 2000) , as well as the full fiscal incentives , availability of infranstruktur , market structure without practice olipogoli / monopoly , development of business organizations , and the democratic political climate ( Blair , 1991) .

Entrepreneurial behavior which is also a prerequisite for socio-economic empowerment of rural tourism, according to Suryana (2004 ) is influenced by two components , namely the pattern of responses and opportunities . Both are some elements that influence attitudes lingkunagn and generates entrepreneurial behavior ( Pranowo , 2005) . Response pattern consists of individual and group characteristics that have been described as an individual and social factors . While the pattern of odds is basically the government factor .

Results of operations of entrepreneurial behavior in the socio-economic empowerment of village tourism ecotourism flowing to all stakeholders . Entrepreneurs and companies to profit and corporate benefits . Local residents obtain welfare , employment and self-esteem . While the government's macro- economic benefit , tourist arrivals , or ecological benefits .

Entrepeneur ecotourism services that are socio-economic empowerment of village tourism needs to be equipped with a series of training to master at least understanding , the technical aspects , to the eco-tourism market . Intensity by local residents demanding patience . Russian experience requires four to seven years to local residents get proper quality of life improvements ( Hanu , 2001) .

Departing from the issues above, the need for Peoples Economic Empowerment Programme for the Development of Rural Tourism Village Hamlet Kungkuk Punten Bumiaji Stone Town is an attempt to start the current poverty reduction to be comprehensive and focused in order to cope with the increasing number of poor and unemployment and limited employment opportunities .

In order to improve social and economic conditions that we designed this program is intended to strengthen the support for regular programs addressing poverty and job creation by strengthening economic approach in rural areas as well as the handling of social problems . The program is conducted with the approach of strengthening local economies in rural areas by involving the community so that the program is expected to strengthen economic and social through strengthening the human resources in managing local resources . However, the most important of these programs is the full support of the community to be a changing society and required all parties in mebrikan understanding and socialization in the local community the importance of a paradigm change in building tourist village .


Economic empowerment efforts Kungkuk Hamlet , Village Punten , Bumiaji , Batu , East Java programs through the tourist village based on internal and ektern potential synergy with the village so that people have the competitiveness and independence in the community -based economic development .
Applying the method of economic empowerment of the people through economic theory community investment . ( Erim ) .
Applying the method of planning ( master plan ) which combines the potential of the region with the business object .


Target planned program is to empower the tourist village at Kampung Business Group Travel by placing targets on :

Empowerment of nature and the environment so as to create a tourist attraction that is environmentally friendly integrated environment that will provide employment opportunities for local people and for optimal results .
Empowerment of farm that will provide added value and image of the typical products of local residents .
Development of the type of business that provides artelnatif business branches into two or more choices than one type of business previously based on the production process and product quality .
Development of arts and culture and the arts and crafts center that will make the day-to- day behavior habits of local communities as a tourist village on a friendly , clean and healthy home environment , diligent and productive in building diversity efforts
Increased knowledge and skills of the community as a tourist village on the various aspects of the needs required of them in the fields of technology , business management and marketing , art and culture etc. .

The meaning is the potential for all the support possible to support the realization of the tourist village . Potential can be obtained from natural and environmental potential , the potential of arts and culture , community support and the potential for the government to realize its ultimate potential tourist village and community economic development that will bring people to build an empowered and independent territory.
Natural charm and environment
Kungkuk Hamlet , Village Punten , Bumiaji , Batu , East Java Province is a village located in the tourist city with the neighboring stone selectayang already famous tourist parks in East Java travel . This hamlet was diperbukitan with a population of around 49 heads of household with an average job as a farmer .

This region like other regions located around the scenic charm diperbukitan sunrise from the eastern horizon and also can enjoy the charm of the sunset on the western horizon erotic . Likewise weather sometimes shrouded in a thick fog will add to the strength of the cold atmosphere that is alluring and seductive pesoana guides, comfort and beauty to rest and enjoy the panorama . So the rest homes, residential homes , resorts , cottages , restaurant and even hotelpun required . For a fascinating area is also used as a dazzling border fortress village hamlets with multi function both as a retaining wall slopes of the mountain as well as sports and travel around the village .

Development of Village Tourism Kungkuk

This area has a cool temperature so that the various types of cool temperate plants can thrive with iridescent colors that adorn the cool air , thus inviting perfume lovers to make the process of making perfume and enjoy the scent of a floral scent .

Likewise the farmers who have farmed hereditary apple , citrus , vegetables , tomatoes carrots , etc. are also grown in accordance with a cool temperature adorable curiosity pick it and take it as a souvenir and be a beautiful view for guests to gardening with the family .

Abundant farm produce challenging the technocrats to incubate technological change be processed farm produce distinctive and qualified as a souvenir kungkuk village which is also a product as a result of economic improvement of society . as are the results of the anti- pesticide vegetables very likely developed this didusun .

The sound of birds , chickens , goats , cows and rabbits diperbukitan this adds a distinctive village . which will lure the animal to engage with fans feel directly how raising cattle , penning and see how a processed livestock products .

Pine trees that lined the village seemed to limit the scope of the wild hilly slopes equipped virgin seduced keen admirers out bond , camp , flying fox , chairlift , mountain sports , mountain bike , mountain car and the like .

Crackling sound that wakes up the canyon penghuhi bring the cool water of the river flowing past the mountain villages add to the excitement of rafting enthusiasts .

Source of water coming out of the depths of the forest rimbunya flow seems to live a life without limits for people . can also be used for potable water systems , water sports or water games .

This shows how full the gift of God in this village , it is with gratitude to the Lord and with a touch of sincerity purity of the population and supporting community development through environmental and natural potential is possible enchanting hamlet developed into a tourist village which is also an alternative to the development of new tourist Stone town .
Arts and Culture
Arts and culture is an activity that never separated by the village activities , activities of batik , traditional ' dance , singing societies often reverberate . nuanced cold dishes , cindramataadalah daily activities for the residents utilizing time besides farming . This activity allows the product to be used as an attraction for tourists.

Cohesion and mutual support attitudes of society who are ready to help each other spread in the region to make the power of a major capital investment to build economic systems masarakat people . This system will be the most important force to start the helpless community .

Hawker center by center - by cindramata center of choice for craftsmen working in the tourist village .

Arts and cultural center is also a people's choice to preserve the culture of this great nation .

To build this tourist village communities the main problem is how to make or prepare master development as a basis for the development of village tourism or business plan that goes . Build public power is not independent of the system developed in building tourist village . The system is a method of the People 's Economic Investment Society ( ER - IM Jojon 2009) .

The problem of the ability of the tourist village is an example of how to formulate applicable in the empowerment of local resources through education and empowerment in order to become a tourist village in general and through creative technology programs specifically to cultivate and cultivate business . Target public programs that will be developed include :

Village Tourism Development Master program ( Master Plan )
This program guarantees the construction and development of a systematic and sustainable . The program was created by city planners that based development by considering culture / cultural , social , economic and technological value .
Natural and environmental empowerment program
So as to create a tourist attraction that is environmentally friendly integrated environment that will provide employment opportunities for local people and for optimal results . These programs include:
Residential Tourism Village program Kungkuk
Tourism residential cottages , villas and resorts take advantage of the existing houses is mostly used as a shelter for evacuation travel without inhabitants , but used as a residential package . The house was renovated into a residential -class quality with regard to culture and norms , as well as tourist guest privacy .
Tourism Village program Kungkuk
By making use of unproductive land or land that is strategic in accordance with the master plan built into Tourism Village Kungkuk so that visitors to the village kungkuk not need to look for accommodation outside the area to stay . Countryside Kungkuk there are also facilities for meetings and meetings of the agency or company .
Program Jogging Sport Tourism Tourism Village at Great Wall Kungkuk
Jogging Sport Travel harness the natural beauty of rugged mountains and cool weather and cold as Travel Sport Jogging to enjoy the view, walk , breathe fresh air through the soil , paths, up and down hills , rivers . Therefore it takes the road or track for the event. Track or road boundaries and combined as well as retaining walls from erosion of the hill is the Great Wall Kungkuk village .

Besides built tower - the tower is used as a beacon on the hill to see the natural scenery around .
Adventure Travel Hikingcross , Motocross , Offroad Village Kungkuk
Adventure Travel Hikingcross , Motocross , Offroad utilize natural conditions hilly uphill and downhill irregular and dirt roads and paved stone still be a charm of its own as a tourist attraction . Visitors and guests can use the cross-country mountain bikes , motorcycles and cars .
Outbound Tourism Village Kungkuk
Outbound Travel utilize natural pine forest in the hills can be a place to get to know the environment with group play . Games include flying fox , rafting the test group cohesiveness and raise the adrenaline of the participants . Outbound training and camping as well as add to the intimacy and harmony among the participants . Travelers as participants from government agencies , private sector , communities and schools - schools . Travelers presented educational games and insightful .
Natural Drinking Water from springs village Kungkuk
For the needs of the public drinking water obtained from water taps piped into people's houses . The water can not be drunk immediately because they must be cooked first . In addition to other sources of drinking water , people buy bottled water produced by the water industry .

This program will utilize water from the fountain can be used as a source of safe drinking water , naturally . So they can save energy does not need to cook as well as more economical because they do not buy . The water will be piped to the houses and provided also at the facility - a public facility .
Bath Tourism
Tourism springs baths utilize wasted directly or stored temporarily dammed the flow of water so that it can be controlled . Dam or reservoir can be used as an international standard swimming pool that can be used to practice and can create athletes - national and international athletes .

Tourism is different baths with other pools because the water comes from natural springs open cycle without chemical process so that more fresh and healthy .
Empowerment of farm
Which will provide added value and distinctive image and locals product development effort to provide an alternative type of business branches into two or more choices than one type of business previously based on the production process and product quality .

Of farm vegetables , fruits and flowers from people directly sold into pure raw materials . However Empowerment by combining the technologies applied to obtain optimal results and the value of the selling price is higher than before processing .
Agricultural Processing Program results for vegetables and fruit drinks , jams , sauces , chips etc.
This program is by processing raw materials such as oranges , strawberries , apples , nuts , carrots , tomatoes were initially sold originally by the people directly . So to increase the value of the selling price of the item and beverage products made ​​jam . Technology needed for the process that is applied agro-processing machines for drinks and jam , tomato sauce , tomato sauce .
Processing of animal husbandry programs for milk , yougurt , cheese , meatballs , sausages , burgers .
This program is the result of processing cattle farm into production ready so that marketing can add value to livestock
Processing program Plantation Flowers For Perfume
The number of flowers that grow in the village kungkuk scented so it can be used as a natural perfume with modern processes . So the perfume of flowers can be a superior product Kungkuk village
Development of arts and culture and craft centers
And art that would make the daily habits of behavior the local community as a friendly tourist village on guests , clean and healthy home environment , diligent and productive in building diversity efforts .

As a tourist village that will be visited by tourists from different areas so that rural communities need to provide good service and excellent rating in order to be impressed . Therefore, the hallmark of the population should be maintained and should be improved

Building a new community cultural attitudes as a tourist guest service culture and cultural bebasis viable and support the tourist village to give birth attitude , character, ethics , creativity in the arts and culture .

This development program include:
Business centers and business programs
Kungkuk village as a trade center that holds all of the products of the society .
Center for arts and culture programs
The tourists are presented with a character , a typical village arts and culture are packaged in performing arts .
Culinary Tourism Village program Kungkuk
Culinary Kungkuk village built to meet the tastes of visitors and guests food and cuisine Kungkuk village . Kungkuk culinary tourism village has a characteristic not shared by other regions as raw materials of vegetable , fresh spices because in rural areas kungkuk producing vegetables and seasonings
Increased knowledge and skills of the community as a tourist village
Of the various aspects of the needs required of them in the fields of technology , business management and marketing , arts and culture , etc. :

Tourist village communities should have sufficient knowledge that is needed in higher education . Education can be obtained by formal or informal .

System management of the tourist village on the group using the system of the People 's Economic Investment Society ( Erim ) is managing to bamboozle all resources and efforts on a particular group of business and economics movement for people with kepentinggan investment model that can manage themselves well and determine the type of business , forms business and results of operations .

What is meant by business group is a collection of the environmental community, both within and outside the neighborhood who join a business group to invest in developing and building the tourist village .

Types of investment types that are developed beginning with the development potential of the region on the basis of its own financial management capabilities , the government's ability and the ability of investors who subsequently developed into a business group with independent financial management .

Form of investment that can be managed is all available resources to reach the group usuha shaped property , labor and expertise which is converted to the value of money as venture capital .

Venture capital investment community as a member of the group can be obtained from business , government or investors , and to ensure the economic system of the people keutamaaan the limiting value obtained venture capital from the government and investors . And conditions contained in the guide investment management group kungkuk tourist village hamlet .

Membership management group tourist village hamlet consisting kungkuk local community members who knowingly without paksaaan join this group and people from outside the village who knowingly join in the economic empowerment rights and obligations set forth in the bylaws .

Results of operations of the public investment is intended to meet the needs of members of the management group wistaa hamlet village in terms kungkuk
The base value
Basic value in question is the need for health care and education for members of the group . Each member of the group and his family get a chance to be healthy and advanced knowledge , so the results of operations will meet the first basic needs as the basis for the system . In essence to achieve this interest does not necessarily rely on existing financial , but using the potential of existing resources that can be done in groups on this system .
Economic Value
The economic value is the mean value of the productivity of individual members of the group effort that can be used as capital values ​​continued . Each member of the group has a chance to get the value of the productive area of ​​the extent of capital invested , there are no restrictions berekonomi . This provision is tailored to the investment guidelines set out in this system .
Value of life
Is the value of life is a value that can give happiness to the group and give mamfaat on the other .

Development of Village Tourism Kungkuk



Pemilihan Duta Wisata Kangmas Nimas Kota Batu 2014

Kangmas Nimas is the official designation for the City of Stone tourism ambassador since 2006, but this association was established on October 28, 2002 with the name of the Society of Women Tourism Ambassador Son of Stone Town. In every election period, 20 finalists will be selected, which automatically become members of the association Kangni.
Self development and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the focus of activity. With the aim of creating a tourism ambassador resources professional with the running community Assertive, Intelligent and Wise. Kangni organization structure, which will be elected for 2 years.
For this year themed Bring Our City As Shining Stone. Come join and list yourself.

pelatihan home stay desa wisata di kungkuk

Actualization and Development of Rural Tourism Village Kungkuk Punten Bumiaji carried out simultaneously by the Department of Tourism and Culture Batu , East Java . This effort is realized for two days in a Training Event Home Stay Village Tourism in Kungkuk on 7-8 March 2012 . " This event is an attempt Stone City Government through the Department of Tourism and Culture for the realization of development programs Kungkuk Rural Tourism Village as the center and pilot Punten Tourism Village in the City of Rock , " said Diana Heriastuti SH , Secretary Dispartabud Stone Town , in the opening speech training .
According to Diana , this step is carried out to improve the people's economy Kungkuk society in the future . However , particularly in the short run , aiming to train and foster sustainable homeowners will be the home stay to be able to serve the tourists . In fact , in preparation for the guests from the Department of Tourism and Culture of Yogyakarta with campaigners Community Forum Tourism ( Rumangsa ) visiting Yogyakarta and orientation of the field on 11 to 15 March 2012 to the Tourism Village and Batu Kungkuk .
The training was attended by 24 members of the public will be made ​​homeowners Home Stay or stay in a family home stay for tourists in the region Kungkuk Hamlet . And attended by all Head , HR Head and Head of Drs . David Malino as the leading sector in the event , as well as some staff Dispartabud . The keynote speaker is Budhi Irawan Cloudy SE , MM , Head of Department of Hospitality SMK 1 Stone .
Training materials on the first day is particularly Tourism Village Management means the management and structuring of various home stay style World Hospitality . Starting from 14.00 till 16.30 am, informants describes implementation Tourism Village in general , the types of activities and key development.
It is said Ersa , a resource close calls , that the discussion of tourism including tourism village is associated with many things that will be able to be sold to tourists and produce for the tourist service providers and the general public in it . Because , there will address a variety of things that can be sold to tourists such as Cultural or Arts area that can be served , food and drink traditional societies , handicrafts as souvenirs , as well as the beauty and uniqueness of nature . But most importantly , he said , as the key to the development of Tourism and Tourism Village is the willingness and readiness of the community are open to receive and welcome the tourists , and should start trying to practice the concept of tourism village itself. " And Kungkuk entire community should support the development of , and serve with a neat and clean appearance to the tourists , " said Ersa hope that the next generation of children as early trained in English, in preparation for Kungkuk into tourism areas worldwide .
After exposure of the Implementation of Rural Tourism and so on , directly supervised trainees and exemplified hospitality service standards to manage the home stay is as methane beds , bathrooms and professional service to our guests . Practice was held at the home slamet , local residents are also used as a home stay .
On the second day , followed by a training material Catering , Dressmaking and practice penyuguhan to guests travel by Guru SMK 1 Tim Stone . Catering and Clothing material is also followed by practice in the management of the Home Stay Tourism Village development component . And Kungkuk creativity is an event to be a pioneer in the future of the Village Tourism in the City of Rock and East Java .



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